Apheresis for long-COVID (long-haul COVID)

There is evidence that apheresis therapy is a therapeutically meaningful and effective measure in the post-COVID syndrome in some patients.

In response to the unprecedented surge of post-infectious complications, particularly in patients experiencing Long-Covid with chronic fatigue and post-exertional malaise, therapeutic apheresis has emerged as a potential and efficient treatment option.

A recent study analyzing biomarkers in Long-Covid patients undergoing apheresis revealed a significant reduction in neurotransmitter autoantibodies, lipids, and inflammatory markers, suggesting a potential basis for objective monitoring and clinical scoring in the treatment of Long-Covid and other postinfectious syndromes

„In summary, the current study provides further evidence that IA is effective in ME/CFS. This result warrants further studies of repeat IA therapy to maintain clinical remission, as shown for other autoimmune diseases“
Tölle et al. J. Clin. Med. 2020